How to Become a Writer: Where to Start.


The Muslim Issue

In January 2013 NYC media reported a random hate crime and vicious attack on a tourist initiated by a group of young men. The media never mentioned the ‘M’ word although several witnesses described the gang to be of Middle Eastern decent. Today the same kind of incident has taken place in New York at 33rd Street and 6th Avenue in Midtown, not too far from the first incident.
This is the second hate crime reported this week. One suspect is bearing an Albanian Muslim name and the other suspect is a Ramirez (in Europe many Muslims are changing their names to a non Islamic one). NYPD is looking for more suspects. Anti-gay sentiments run high amongst Latin communities and Muslims. Muslims have been entering the U.S. illegally through South America and Mexico, where a new Islamic revival is talking place with three million Muslim immigrants from war-torn countries…

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“Becoming a Writer” by Dorothea Brande was written in the heart of the Great Depression 1934. This book is just as reverent today as it was in 1934-Timeless. The book starts out with “With The Four Difficulties Of Being A Writer. In my opinion, the best part of the book. Other chapters “Writing On Schedule, “Learning To See Again”, “The Critic At Work on Himself” and much more. If you can start writing, after reading and studying this book, give it up and do something else with your life.



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Finally I have the time to follow my dream and become a writer. I will be blogging about my writing experiences here with examples of my writing for everyone to read.

Harry Potter & The Globlet of Filth | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website.

I have wanted to write for a long time, but just never took the time. Now that I am retired (not by choice), I going to become a serious writer and a novel or more than one novel. My goal or dream is to someday have a hardcover or paperback on the NYT Best Seller list. It I work hard and smart that just might happen some day. This blog will be my experiences along the way writing my novel.